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Bombstrike DEMO 1.01


15.26 MB




19,99 USD


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Tomcat Interactive


Bombstrike DEMO 1.01 Review

Are you ready for your hardest challenge? Are you tough enough for a game faster, louder and more intensiv than you've ever experienced? Then ultimately test your shoot'em up skills with gorgeous graphics, hardcore action and an extrem driving soundtrack ! Download the demo NOW to get taste of what you can expect from the fullversion! Your job is to pilot the deadliest helicopter of a top secret anti-terror
task force in various operations. Battle illegal terrorists groups and legal terror regimes all over the world in intense and nonstop air-to-air and air-to-ground combats! Fly over the greatest landscapes with total freedom of movement, fight the most evil terrorist, feel the power of your huge weapons arsenal and then watch the spectacular explosions! Use the stunning high detailed landscapes for superiour tactics.Take advantage of sight blocking terrain and forests and find your way through the huge areas, filled with tons of deadly enemies.

This blood pumping, eye catching helicopter action game will ultimatily test your shoot-em-up skills and raise your adrenaline level to its limit!

Program system requirements: 600mhz,128mb ram, Directx


Bombstrike DEMO

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File size 15.26 MB

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